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Magazine Style WordPress Themes are "In"

Arun (Kale’s) “The Morning After” was specifically designed to meet the markets demand of online publishers and webzines powered by WordPress. Frankly I noticed Arun’s work only when this theme was released. His knack for tackling publishing needs using WordPress with this grid-based work highlights his talent and puts him in the ‘must watch designers of tomorrow’ list.

the morning after

It would be unfair if I missed WP Designer A.K.A Small Potato from this mix; so far he has proved himself as the master of surprises with many of his painstakingly perfect work. His latest work comes to mind when we talk magazine themes, which SP calls “Jello Wala Mello“, to top that, the theme is designed with a dark background, making it one of it’s kind. I could not find a demo of this theme, so we will have to make do with a screen capture, but knowing SP, I am sure his work is impeccable.

jello melo theme

26 Responses to “Magazine Style WordPress Themes are "In"”

  1. @ SP

    Worked to your advantage! Do you have a demo for this theme, I would love to see it.

  2. Thank you for the JWM plug :). Although the color scheme was unintentional, it definitely helped to separate JWM from the rest of the magazine-styled themes.

  3. No, I don’t. I have to update my demo install first. I’m lazy to update my demo to 2.3 right now because I have a lot of other stuff to do.

  4. Hi, this is a great review of the magazine style themes, I’ll be linking to them on a different blog.

    I have a workign version of Small Potato’s new theme, linked from my Name on this comment.

    I love it and you are right, SP is painstakingly perfect in his coding. Thanks all!

  5. The current themes are nice but i think it is not compatable with google adsense. I think it is better to design wordpress themes with google adsense.

  6. I don’t understand the comunity that is enamored with Wp Designers work. It’s garbage and always looks rushed. There are always bugs, and it’s simply trashy compared to everyone else.

    Also Block Magazine blatantly jacked Arun’s work on the Morning after theme. Why is no one calling him out on this? I mean he didn’t even try to hide it. He stole every aspect of it, tweaked a few things and added some color to an otherwise black and white theme. That is shameful and I wouldn’t be supporting him if I were you.

  7. Yes, I can definitely see where Block Magazine ripped off The Morning After. It’s so obvious. [insert sarcastic smiley]

    These are some great themes, and I always look forward to what Small Potato is releasing next. He is one of the top WordPress designers out there. You couldn’t ask for a more dedicated designer.

  8. @ Tim/Justin

    I have not seen the theme files myself and as I say in the review, I was merely complimenting and identifying the frontrunners of this growing trend and how it could overall help improve the quality of WordPress themes, and frankly, I wrote this post for a friends blog but published it here instead due to some delays. Besides, the real question is, how does Arun’s licensing word such derivatives?

  9. Anyone know how i use adsense with gridlock without visual bugs?

  10. @ Izaias

    Unless you are comfortable working with php/XHTML, I suggest you look into the Adsense Deluxe plugin.

  11. I’m recognizing some themes in here that are, IMO, being used very successfully.

    WordPress is very powerful and moving towards more of a contact management system (CMS) for more than just blogging.

    Our student-run newspaper is running something similar although I didn’t see the theme we use listed here. It is proof that running a web-zine or online newspaper with print, photos, video and slide shows is very possible even with a hundred or so guest bloggers (e.g. reporters).

    Joseph Hollak
    Multimedia Editor

  12. hahahaha

    “CMS- CONTACT management system”


  13. hehe be nice Ralph! And where is your img of the CMS-lolcat!? :) I look forward to caturday!

  14. @ ralph dagza

    I think I should use the comment edit plugin after all! Typos happen.

  15. come on guys

    i was playing :)

  16. hehe Ralph.. its important to play around a bit, what would life be without.

    I have initiated using The Morning After Theme, but I struggle with the look. I am no designer and I’d like to do something with it. Can someone comment or help me?

  17. @ Ralph Dagzu

    I did activate the Edit Comment plugin, I figured it’s needed especially if people spell like me.

    @ Øyvind

    I did visit your site. Frankly, I am not digging the shades of green used, but looks fine otherwise.

  18. Anyone has a clue as what is causing the Blank wordpress blogs even after a new blog is updated? I mean….totally blank pages. Backend looks ok.

  19. hello admin,

    I am new to wordpress. can I download these templates and update in my CSS design(and I don’t know CSS too). If not how can I do it?

  20. Can i used it in my wordpress blog ??? I’m newbie with wordpress blog.

  21. @ leni

    Yes you can.


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